11-18 E-Dock Lift Spacer

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The 2011-2018 E-docks were originally designed to allow the center hoop to sit as low on the dash as possible, when 1" tube clamp hardware was slim.  Over the past few years, 1" tube clamp options have gotten much bulkier.  Many of our customers prefer to keep the low profile silhouette of the JKE-dock, so we continue to manufacture the JKE-docks this way.  However, we wanted an option to allow the bulkier tube clamps to work on the center hoop of the JKE-dock.

We decided we needed a lift kit (spacer) of sorts, to allow the bulkier clamps to work with our dock as customers needs arise.  

This spacer will allow you to raise the center section of your JKE-dock in increments of 3/16" of an inch, which allows clearance for Vector Offroad, 67d and other brands of the larger tube clamps.

Material - The spacer is made from 3/16" laser cut stainless steel



-Loosen the two outer machine screws that attach the long arms to the machined standoffs that go deep into the dash.  

-Remove the factory center screw in the middle cubby of the E-Dock and slide the spacer between the factory plastic, and the mounting bracket that sits in the cubby.  

-Re-insert the factory machine screw in the middle cubby, and tighten all three screws 





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