JL Cage Packs

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JLU Water Pack System

Water packs are removable with Jeep top on or off. Only works with a JLU 4 door. Does not work on a JL 2 door.  

Our water pack system allows qty 2 1 Gallon Water Pax to be safely secured between the hard top, and the roll-cage. They work with our GGB basket, Highland Platform, or as a stand-alone upgrade.  These Brackets work with hard top, or no top only.  They mount in factory locations, where the soft top brackets mount, so they do not work with soft tops.  As noted, they work with the hard top on or off the vehicle.

The brackets bolt directly to the roll-cage, and no permanent modification or drilling is required for installation.  Installation time is approximately 10 minutes, and extremely simple.

Included parts (one side receives half the parts):

  • 4 bracket to roll-cage bolts 
  • 2 laser cut, bent, and powder coat brackets
  • fits right hand and left hand drive vehicles, just order the opposite side of our description if you are a right hand drive owner, and only want one side of the kit.