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Bronco Storage Shelf 4-Door 6G

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Made in the U.S.A.


The Vector Offroad Bronco Highland Platform practically doubles the usable space in the rear cargo area. It's a must for overlanders, campers, or serious grocery getters! This high strength solution is a perfect place to put gear for your next adventure.

The Bronco Highland Platform provides the following benefits:

  • Mounting hole patterns cut into the platform for RotoPax Water/Fuel/Storage mounts. The platform can hold up to two 4-gallon RotoPax containers on the underside of the deck
  • Light weight aluminum construction on the main deck, weight tested to 200 lbs without failure
  • Bolt-on installation, requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle.
  • Standard finish - Black powder coat Platform and brackets. 
  • Multiple lashing points for straps and/or cargo nets.
  • Approximately 24 1/2" clearance from the floor to the bottom of the platform. 44” wide x 23” Deep inner dimensions


Bronco Storage Shelf 4-Door 6G