JL Element Plate

Regular price $249.99

The JL Element Plate Allows for a clean and simple option to remove your spare tire, and re-locate your license plate from your bumper.  The Element Plate is ideal  for weight/fuel savings. The wiring is plug-and-play with the factory wiring, which makes installation extremely simple.  

The features and pricing of our Element Plate, simply aren't matched by any other company currently on the market.


  • Main Plate laser cut and bent from 3/16 Aluminum to save weight (Raw Aluminum,not powder coated)
  • Teraflex Backup Camera Housing, and 3rd Brake Light Mount 
  • License Plate Re-Location Bracket
  • Whip or Rear Facing Light Mount Bracket
  • Re-use Factory Wiring for the Back up Camera, and Brake Light
  • Re-use Factory Tailgate Bolts for Installation
  • Allows the use of Qty two, 2 gallon sized Rotopax Containers (Fuel/Water/Storage Pax)
  • Easy installation time of 30 minutes or less


*actual product may vary slightly from images

*lox Pax mounts, and Rotopax sold seperately