JL Element Plate

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The JL Element Plate Allows for a clean and simple option to remove your spare tire, and re-locate your license plate from your bumper.  The Element Plate is ideal  for weight/fuel savings. The wiring is plug-n-play with factory wiring, which makes installation extremely simple.  

The features and pricing of our Element Plate, simply aren't matched by any other company currently on the market.


  • Main Plate laser cut and bent from 3/16 Aluminum to save weight (Raw Aluminum)
  • Teraflex Backup Camera Housing, and 3rd Brake Light Mount 
  • License Plate Re-Location Bracket
  • Whip or Rear Facing Light Mount Bracket
  • Re-use Factory Wiring for the Back up Camera, and Brake Light
  • Re-use Factory Tailgate Bolts for Installation
  • Allows the use of Qty two, 2 gallon sized Rotopax Containers (Fuel/Water/Storage Pax)
  • Easy installation time of 30 minutes or less
    Back in 2011, Vector Offroad introduced the first tailgate plate specifically designed to carry Rotopax mounts. We may have been slow to market with our JL Wrangler specific Element Plate, but the point to remember is this. Every tailgate plate you see that carries a Rotopax on it, is an attempt to emulate our original and innovative design.   With the main plate laser cut and bent from 3/16 aluminum, and the integrated Teraflex backup camera and brake light mount, you simply can't beat the options and pricing on our Element Plate.