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Device Mount Builder A La Carte

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Device Mount Builder A La Carte:

Already have some parts from a previous order, and need something else, and don't want to order a full mounting Kit?  You are on the right page.  All of our parts mate to 20mm balls and ball Sockets. This is A la Carte, so each item is ordered individually and not in a kit. 
The steps are simple to build a partial or full kit, and are outlined below.  All device holders require 1 device mount option, 1 arm length option, and 1 ball mount option(3 items for a full kit).  The Exception is GoPro mounts require a ball mount, and the GoPro Mount(2 items for a full kit)
Device Mount Options listed below
-Vector Offroad Grip Tight Phone Cradle 
-Vector Offroad Grip Tight Tablet Cradle
-Vector Offroad GoPro Mount
-Vector Offroad Handheld Radio Mount
Arm Options Listed Below
-5.5" Arm
-3.5" Arm 
Ball Mount Options Listed Below
-1" tube Clamp with 20mm Ball(for Tube Style E-docks)
-Track Style 20mm Ball(for track/rail style E-docks)


Device Mount Builder A La Carte

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Baker Jr
Tablet Mount

This is my third tablet mount in a Jeep Wrangler. I was having trouble keeping the tablet in the mounts over rough terrain. I had my doubts about this mount because it only held the tablet in two areas. I've only had one outing since I installed it, but first impressions are that this is the strongest mount you can buy. Screwed down with an easy release arm my tablet never moved a fraction of an inch all day in places I would have had to catch it with my old mounts.

Robert Plaster
Just what I was looking for.

Mount is fantastic.

Solid Mount

The previous mount that was available with the E-Dock mounted in my JKU was the Joby. It never let go of my iPad when out on the trails, It just wouldn’t keep it from vibrating to one side or the other and I had to constantly readjust it. I have yet to use the Vector OffRoad Tablet Clamp, but from the get-go it has a more solid design in the way it has a thumb screw at the top to really clamp down on your tablet. The bottom support has a clever adjustability to fit just about any tablet. I’m looking forward to using it out on the trails.

Andrew Rice
Love this system

This system looks amazing on my JK, and it is solid and functional. Just what I was looking for.