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UFO, JK Tailgate Electrical Pass Through Delete

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Tailgate UFO for Electrical Pass Through Delete

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The tailgate electrical pass through UFO can be used to plug the electrical pass through hole left in your jeep if you have added an element plate or some other custom wiring job. Gives you that clean look you are after and keeps water from entering the tailgate. Do not purchase this product if you are using the OEM pass through hole for electrical wiring! This product plugs the pass through for customers that have chosen to run their wiring through the tailgate vents or have removed the wiring all together.

Features all of the benefits of our standard UFO's:

- Improved vehicle handling *

- Improved vehicle dynamics *

- Improved fuel efficiency *

- Decreased radar signature *

- Increases sexual appeal *

- MCAA Approved #*

 * These statements have not been independently verified, and are most likely not true.

# Mall Crawlers Association of America

Sold as a single unit and comes complete with stainless installation hardware and a rubber gasket pad.. Standard black powder coat finish. Uses existing holes, no drilling required.

**The actual product may vary slightly from what is shown. If you have any questions regarding what is included with a product, please contact us.

***As with all of our products the UFO's are designed for off-road use only, compatibility with OEM systems has not been formally tested.

Fits: 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler - all models with out electrical pass through needs

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UFO, JK Tailgate Electrical Pass Through Delete